WeWork Officially Opens First Taiwan Location 97 Songren Lu to Accelerate Innov

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WeWork, the world’s leading coworking and space-as-a-service platform, has officially launched its first Taiwan location, WeWork Lu, in Taipei’s Xinyi District at Exchange Square 2. The new workspace is spread across eight floors, offering flexible and scalable space in an environment that promotes innovation, productivity and employee engagement. 


The opening of the WeWork Lu underscores WeWork’s commitment to Asia. Globally, WeWork has expanded to 625 locations in over 125 cities and 33 countries as of November 2019. 


“Taiwan is an innovation hub for manufacturing, high-end technology research and a home for development of local and foreign businesses. WeWork is excited to open our first location here, offering a platform to empower entrepreneurs and provide access to our global network of spaces and resources to support their growth, ” said Christian Lee, Vice-Chair, WeWork Asia. “We look forward to contributing to Taiwan’s vibrant economy by working alongside landlords and local partners to offer an exceptional member experience and meet the evolving real estate needs of companies in Taiwan.”  


“We see high demand for flexible workplace solutions from large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in Taiwan that allow them to scale workspace up and down as needed. We are thrilled to welcome WeWork to Exchange Square 2, bringing beautifully designed space, collaborative culture, innovative technology and a global network to Taiwan companies,” said Herman Pan, Vice President of Hung Tai Group. “Through the partnership with WeWork, we are changing the way people work, bringing greater vibrancy and economic activity to the community around Exchange Square 2." 


WeWork Lu strengthens local communities and fuel innovation for organizations large and small


WeWork Lu welcomes companies of all sizes, and is home to Members from diverse industries, ranging from technology and computer software companies to creative and design firms to advertising and public relations agencies. CloudMinds, a builder and operator of an open end-to-end cloud robot system, and start-up Medical Augmented Intelligence (MAI) are just two examples of innovative companies that call this location home.


“As a growing startup and one of the first global commercialized operators of cloud robot products and services, it is vital for CloudMinds' regional offices to be in an environment that supports collaboration with a global network of businesses,” said Tayfun Wang, Director of Sales & Marketing CloudMinds APAC. “WeWork helps facilitate our company’s global expansion and serves as a unique testing ground for our service robots, which can function as a receptionist or information service. Together with WeWork, we hope to drive innovation, creativity, and productivity in the modern workplace with cutting-edge and memorable cloud robot services and experiences."


“Medical Augmented Intelligence (MAI) is a software startup dedicated to creating VR-based solutions for the next generation of health practitioners. Since joining the community at WeWork Lu, we have experienced a boost in creativity and team collaboration. As a young company with ambitious goals, it’s motivating to be surrounded by peers with similar drive and energy. Because our respective roles involve a mix of collaborative and independent work, our team members find the open-concept design and ability to move among private office, phone booths and public space especially conducive to productivity. We’re looking forward to seeing our team grow in our new home,” said Sam Jang, Founder of Medical Augmented Intelligence (MAI).  


First WeWork Taiwan community features intelligent design, art and unique local flavor

The design of WeWork Lu is inspired by the history and the people of Taiwan, highlighting their relationship with nature, including Taiwan’s mountains, forests, and oceans. Adding traditional Taiwan design elements in detailing, such as traditional patterned glasses, metal window frames, concrete terrazzo, black-and-white murals, and arts and graphics create a bright, elegant and timeless space. The location also features an ecosystem aquarium on the Community floor and the wide variation of plants throughout the space to provide a sensory experience beyond sights.  


About WeWork

WeWork provides members around the world with space, community, and services through physical and virtual offerings. Its mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. WeWork has 625 locations in more than 125 cities and 33 countries. Our 609,000 memberships include global enterprises across multiple industries. We are committed to providing our members around the world with a better day at work for less.


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